Work Plan 2016



  1. Strengthen partners’ collective concerns on issues of clean cookstoves and fuels for the creation of appropriate policies, implementation strategies and regulatory frameworks
    • Lobby for enabling policies (national and county energy policies, tax waivers, improved stove regulations enactment)
    • Engage county and parliamentary committees on energy
    • Lobby for inclusion in government projects through the inter-ministerial committee on clean cooking
    • Establish a comprehensive functional M&E System
    • Participate in stoves and fuels standards development
    • Support to stove testing for members
    • Participation in labelling system development
  2. Facilitate the transfer of local and global knowledge and skills on clean cookstoves and fuels to all stakeholders
    • Update the baseline on clean stoves and fuels promoted by CCAK members
    • Building evidence on clean cooking
    • Identify capacity building opportunities for entrepreneurs
  3. To enhance demand, strengthen supply and create an enabling environment for the clean cookstoves and fuels market
    • Identification and profiling of financial institutions active in the clean cooking sector
    • Participate in Kenya Music and Drama Festivals 2017
    • Design of behaviour change and communication strategy on clean cooking
    • Identify stove ambassadors
    • Establish new partnerships
    • Market segmentation
  4. CCAK Operations
    • CCAK strategic/business plan development
    • Move to fully equipped new office
    • Secretariat staff
    • Executive Committee meetings
    • Annual General Meeting 2016
    • Working group meetings
    • Association visibility
    • New member mobilization
    • Resource mobilization